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What is this?

This site is an open-source site describing how Stylight works and why.

Stylight is a product company based in Munich (Germany) with another office in Philadelphia (US).

This site is a brief guide to our company. As Stylight continues to grow, we hope that we can reduce any uncertainty for new team members and make each Stylighter’s start more relaxed.

We tried to keep this site on a broad enough level, as not to be outdated right away while still giving you an overview of what makes Stylight tick.

This site is on Github, so you can edit it. Once you’ve read it, help us to make it better for other new people. Suggest new sections, or change existing ones. Or if you’re not all that comfortable editing it, annotate it: make comments and suggestions. We’ll collectively review the changes and fold them into future revisions.

Welcome! Thanks for being here.

Want to start a similar org? See How to clone the Stylight handbook.

Why open-source the Stylight handbook?

  • To make the world a better place! The model has helped us be happy and make a positive impact in the world, and publishing it may help others do the same.
  • By making our model public, we’re more likely to keep it up-to-date and improve it as we learn.
  • Putting it on GitHub makes it easier for others to clone and evolve the model, and we can learn from that.
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