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The inner workings of a product company

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A typical week

Most people come in between eight and nine o’clock– some as early as seven and some later. It is up to you when you come in, but you should at least be here for your team’s daily standup and make it work with the schedules of your team mates. Our core hours - when we all try to be here - are from 10 - 17.

At 12:30ish most Stylighters venture out to find some food at one of the surrounding supermarkets and bring it back to eat together at the tables in the atrium or have a yummy lunch at one of many great restaurants in the area.

Most teams have synchronized two week development iterations (aka sprints) which start and end Wednesday-ish.

If you’re lucky you’ll witness a colleague holding a brown bag lunch. It’s a short talk during lunch time where we learn about interesting topics from one another. It is usually someone from the company who talks about a topic he/she is interested in. This could be about absolutely anything really - whether it be the new tool you are working with or the zen in beekeeping.

On Fridays at 4 o’clock the entire company meets in the atrium and each department presents what they achieved this week at the Team Weekly - ‘team’ as in the entire company. Many grab a beer out of the fridge for this and stay afterwards to chat with colleagues or catch a game of beer or ping pong to start the weekend off right.