Stylight handbook

The inner workings of a product company

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Knowledge Sharing


Since teams are cut along business functions, employees with the same specialties are spread across different teams, like engineers and designers. To exchange knowledge within our specialties there are guilds (aka communities of practice or short CoPs). Which guilds you join is up to you. Go ahead and browse the guild calendar [Stylight login required] and go to a few meetings to see if you like them. Missing a guild? Then start it!

Brown Bag Lunches

You have a topic you are interested in and would like to share with other Stylighters? Great. This could be absolutely anything really. The new tool you are working with or the zen in bee keeping. Whatever you are into. Just invite the team via Google calendar to join you during lunch in the atrium.

The format is entirely up to you. You prepared some slides. Sure. You want to write on a flipchart. Great. You want to show a video. Lovely. You got a completely different approach to get your points across. Excellent.

  • You should have something to say about the topic
  • You should leave time for discussion
  • You don’t have to prepare a perfect presentation
  • You don’t have to be an expert in the subject
  • You don’t have to do it alone – feel free to prepare sth as a group