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Let’s face it, sitting around in meetings all day and not getting any actual work done sucks. So we try to keep meetings at a minimum and we make them optional. If you don’t learn or contribute to a meeting, then leave and do something more valuable with your time. Don’t just sit there and play with your phone. While attendance is optional, participation is mandatory. Here is a list of regular meetings that we hold and find valuable:

Name Attendees Frequency Duration in h Purpose
Standup team daily 0.25 team self-organizes and plans their day
Grooming team weekly 1 team helps PO to refine backlog
Planning team biweekly 1 team plans the next sprint
Review team biweekly 1 team demos sprint results & gets feedback
Retrospective team biweekly 1.5 team improves its process
IT weekly engineering biweekly 1 engineers exchange knowledge
Team weekly / Team Weekly Fair everyone weekly 1 teams share results with everyone
Strategy monthly all permanent employees monthly 1 strategy update by management
Guilds whoever is interested monthly 3 people interested in a topic exchange knowledge or practice
Feedback me + manager / peer group quarterly 2 discuss and set goals for personal development
Department OKRs department quarterly 2 align the team on the goals for the quarter