Stylight handbook

The inner workings of a product company

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The office


There are very few small office rooms. We value the amplified communication of sitting next to each other. Most people sit with their team somewhere in the open office surrounding the atrium. When people need some quiet time, they put on their noise cancellation headphones or go to a meeting room or sit at the picnic tables outside.

The atrium

… is the heart of the office. All company-wide meetings take place here. Many people pick up their lunch and bring it back to eat here. Most informal meetings take place at one of the couches, which are spread throughout the room.


The atrium turns into a stage for meetups, events, conferences or even a public viewing location for sport events. Subscribe to the Stylight events calendar [Stylight login required] to see what’s up. If you would like to host an event at the office yourself, please approach our office manager to make sure there are no date conflicts with other events.

Food and drinks

Each morning we get fresh fruit delivered to the office, which you
can find in a basket at the front desk. Feel free to grab some. There are usually sweets and nuts too. Don’t feel bad about it, live a little.

In the kitchen you’ll find complimentary cereal, a water cooler, fridges and dishwashers. There is also an oven, a stovetop and kitchen utensils for you to use if that’s what you’re into. Outside the kitchen, you’ll find our coffee machine which is highly frequented. On the other side of the atrium is a fridge well stocked with delicious Bavarian brews. Also highly frequented, though at different times than the coffee machine.