Stylight handbook

The inner workings of a product company

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How we are structured

Even though we are growing, we try to keep the hierarchy as flat as possible and bureaucracy at a minimum. We avoid politics altogether. If you spot any politics or unnecessary bureaucracy, especially early on with a fresh look on things, please speak up so we can work together to get rid of it.


Most teams are cross-functional - meaning, they have all the (different) skills they need to fulfill their mission. This implies that most of your team colleagues will have different specialties than you do. A team might consist of developers, designers, UX experts, business experts, etc.

Central functions

While some functions are spread across several teams (e.g. engineering), others are centralized (e.g. People & Organization). This is mostly a communication trade-off. Our current setup is the most effective one for us at this point, but this might change in the future.


Since teams are cut along business functions, employees with the same specialties are spread across different teams, like engineers and designers. To exchange knowledge within our specialties we meet in guilds.