Stylight handbook

The inner workings of a product company

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What we value and why


We approach our daily work with curiosity and determination. Achieving excellent results in cooperation with other Stylighters makes us happy. We willingly set out on new paths and develop ourselves further to accomplish this. We pitch in to consistently push Stylight forward. In doing so, we strive to be the best in everything we do.


We gladly take responsibility for our tasks. During execution, we evaluate, communicate and take risks. We are proud of the successes we achieve together. But we also admit to our failures and mistakes and learn from them. We behave professionally; with respect to every role we execute.


We treat one another with appreciation and respect. We trust that everyone always wants to do the best for Stylight. We are convinced that Stylight’s success lies in the cooperation and involvement of all disciplines, backgrounds and departments. We provide and expect open and direct feedback.

If you clone the Stylight handbook, you don’t necessarily have to have the same values. Define your own values! What’s important to you and your buddies? However, our model is very much derived from our core values. So the closer your values are to ours, the better our model will fit your context.