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Your first day

On your first day at Stylight, we expect you to arrive at the office around 10 AM. Our office manager will show you around the office and introduce you to some people and - most importantly - the coffee machine.

By the time you get here on your first day, your laptop will already be waiting for you. For any other things that make you more productive, like an external keyboard, a bigger screen etc, just drop [Stylight login required] an email and they’ll take care of it. There are also a few more guides and how-tos [Stylight login required] that you might find helpful in terms of setting up.

We have reached a size where it is unrealistic to get to know everyone on your first day. Your manager and your buddy (yes, you will get a buddy from another team) will introduce you to some of the people you will have the most contact with and organize a welcome coffee for you latest on your 2nd day. But there will be many other opportunities to get to know the rest, for instance the coffee machine, lunch, Friday drinks, the Christmas party, or the annual ski trip just to name just a few.