Stylight handbook

The inner workings of a product company

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Your first month

You tasted the 25 at Phở and you are addicted now. That’s OK. It happens to everyone. The coffee machine became one of your best friends, and you’re happy to help her out if she kindly asks you to “Empty [her] Drawer” ;)

As you get more comfortable in your own team’s environment, remember you are one of many pieces in the greater Stylight puzzle. The @StylightTech Bootcamp [Stylight login required] gives you an overview of other teams’ technical underpinnings.

You’ve most likely felt a little bit lost with all the numbers during your first Team Weeklys, but a delicious Bavarian brew afterwards made it all better. Don’t worry, it will start making more sense as you get more familiar with the other departments’ OKRs. Various intro sessions that you’ll be invited to should help with this as well.

By the end of the month you can probably remember at least a few of the names of your team colleagues, and with their help, you’ve got your work environment all set up. You’ve independently worked on several tasks, and the outcomes have already had an impact on our customers. It feels good to have made an impact already, doesn’t it?

You’ve planned, executed and demoed a couple of sprints with your team and you think you sorta understand how work gets done around here.